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SGF - Sekimo Generic Format/XStandoff

The Sekimo Generic Format (SGF) was developed during the Sekimo project at Bielefeld University for allowing the structured (i.e. XML-based) storage and analysis of multi-dimensional annoted (including possible overlaps) linguistic corpora. It combines both elements of classic stand-off and inline annotation and is capable of using tree- and graph-based annotation models (the formal model of SGF itself is the one of a multi-rooted tree). A detailed discussion of the format and its application can be found in Stührenberg & Goecke, 2008. The use of SGF for storing lexical chaining (SGF-LC) is demonstrated in Waltinger et al., 2008. In addition, SGF is used as import and export format for the current version of the web-based annotation tool Serengeti which is used as part of the AnaphoricBank and the AnaWiki project.
The extended current developer version has been renamed to X-Standoff. Additional information can be found at

The XML schema files defining the Sekimo Generic Format can be found at the following URLs:

Version 1.0 (stable release)

SGF schema files:

N.B.: All SGF XML schema files are available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3).

Additional XML schemas that are used in conjunction with SGF:

Version 1.1 (XStandoff Format)

Please visit for the current release and further information.